February Employee Recognition Ceremony

Posted by Esmeralda Carr on 2/21/2018 3:40:00 PM

During the February East Central Independent School District Board Meeting, five individuals were recognized for their efforts to help create exceptional learning environments for their campuses:


Josie Torres was awarded the Gold Star for Exceptional Customer Service

Josie Torres was nominated by Mr. Howard Weaver. Ms. Torres is a custodian at East Central High School and according to Mr. Howard, she is the hardest working custodian he has ever met in his 26 years in education. She comes to work every morning with a smile and greets eveyone she sees. She does her job with tremendous pride and a servant's heart. She motivates others to do their best each day. Because of her efforts, she was awarded a Gold Star award for exceptional customer service.

Carmen Nuñez was awarded the Gold Star award for assisting Legacy Middle School in many areas outside the scope of her job.

Carmen Nuñez, custodian at Legacy Middle School, was awarded a Gold Star for personal accountability. She can be seen assisting in many areas, but most recently, Ms. Nuñez was known to assist administration when a student left campus without permission. She kept her eye on the student until administration was able to arrive and assist.  Because of her efforts, the situation was managed in a positive manner and the student remained safe and was returned to campus without incident.

Erica Hernandez was awarded a Gold Star for fiscal responsibility.

Erica Hernandez, prekindergarten teacher at East Central Development Center, was recognized for going out of her way to seek donations for the campus to build outdoor learning spaces for their prekindergarten children of all abilities.  She individually contacted Lowes and other vendors to collect building materials and donations. She even had tires that were set to be salvaged donated for the project. It was because of her selfless efforts for the benefit of all students that she earned a Gold Star for fiscal responsibility.

Paige Pieniazek receives the Gold Star for persistence.

Paige Pieniazek, despite obstacles and opposition, maintains a high standard of academic and behavioral expectations from her classes. Peers are amazed at her ability to maintain a classroom with sound procedures and an exceptional classroom culture of self management, safety and peer support to create success. It is because of her unwavering expectation that she has earned a Gold Star for perseverance.

Gail Pieniazek, academic dean for East Central High School, earns a Gold Star for loyalty.

Gail Pieniazek, academic dean for East Central High School, earned a Gold Star for embodying the value of loyalty.  She has been a dedicated and committed EC Family member for over a decade and has had a significant impact on the lives of students, staff, parents, and the greater EC community. her genuine love, care, and compassion for others are an example of her servant leadership and devotion to improving the lives of those around her. Her loyalty to her family, school, district and community runs deep. It is because of her dedication to this school district that she will leave a lasting legacy in this district. She is a true difference maker in the lives of many.