Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching is Named

Posted by Esmeralda Carr on 1/23/2018 12:06:00 PM

Miriam George and students from East Central High School


The month of December, during the Winter Break, families are busy visiting with relatives.  Families are wrapping gifts as they prepare to celebrate Christmas.  Some families prepare for winter vacation. Teachers are no exception.  There is one group, in particular, that prepare for something even more critical, their Teacher of the Year interview.
Campuses spent weeks nominating and voting for their campu Teacher of the Year. By the time East Central ISD broke for break, all teachers were named.  Those individuals quickly began to prepare for an interview process that would help the district narrow their choice down to one teacher that would represent all district teachers in the Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching.
After rigorous interviews with a panel comprised of community members, one candidate stood out and was unanimously named the East Central Independent School District Teacher of the Year.  That person was Miriam George (insert position) from East Central High School. How did she feel about this honor?  In her words:
"I am incredibly humbled and overjoyed to represent my district, my students, and the community I serve. This award truly goes to all the teachers and staff at ECISD who selflessly go above and beyond for our students to have an excellent education. It takes a village to raise a child and our family effort at ECISD is strong, talented, and the best. 

I know my mother sees from up above but I still wish I could tell her and see her smiling face that we did it! I would [like] to thank her for being so brave leaving her home in Puerto Rico to pursue education in the United States for a shot at a better life for her family. Until I get the chance to do so in heaven, I will thank her by continuing her life work advocating for a better education and equal opportunity for all students just like she did for me. 

To write my story. A story that is similar to so many. Yet bigger than all of ours combined. To have a chance to share all our voices for the Trinity [Prize for Excellence in Teaching] has me moved to tears between typing. I am undeserving of this moment but I am incredibly humbled at the opportunity. If it means I conquer this mountain just to help even one student walk further through their journey, maybe then they will feel stronger and more confident to face their mountains because together we can MOVE mountains. So I will write. Write my heart and soul into continuing all of our story because [this award] isn’t all about winning a prize. Its greater than that. It’s a chance to share to leaders in our greater San Antonio area that our students at ECISD matter and deserve to move mountains.

Thank you everyone for y'all's support and love!"

We, too, are honored, Miram and best of luck! You've got the entire Hornet Nation cheering for you!