3/9/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul De Leon on 3/9/2017

  • Advertise for the new car show date.
  • Check any old posters with the old date and fix the to the new date. (March 25th)
  • Make sure to spread the word about pre-registering. Doing so saves them $5.00.
  • Go out on social media and spread the word more about the date.
  • April 2nd, sunday 10-6 is the Car Fest at the Freeman Coliseum. It is not a car show. It is a campaign about the automotive industry and is a competition between other technicians
  • April 27th- field trip to St.Phillips. It is during  school, so you need to be passing all classes to participate in the field trip.
  • April 14th- Rep Your School night at SA Raceway. (other dates include May 26th & June 9th.)
  • Flyers still need to be passed out and posted around campus.