2/9/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul Deleon on 2/9/2017

  • Auto Club Car Show is March 4th.
  • We're looking for a DJ for the Car Show 
  • We got a wrecked car for the health fair. Posters still need to be made and added to the car, as well as advertisements. Come in before and after school to help.
  • Cut voting ballot and exhibitor ballets, come in before and after school.
  • If you haven’t signed up to help out you can do so in room 2169
  • EC Auto Club will pay for Rep Your School tickets. Look for people that are from EC to race. Next meeting will have more details on Rep your School. Races start around 6:00pm. You NEED a license to race. Feb 17th, Next friday.
  • Next monday, come in before and after school to start helping.