High school percussion players should own a variety of concert snare drum sticks and yarn mallets (minimum of 2 pairs of each) and keep them in a stick bag. Every pair of sticks and mallets should be labeled with the student's name, including the stick bag, and should not be shared with others to reduce the passing of high-touch items.
*Individual sticks and yarn mallets are not provided. Only the percussion instruments themselves are provided.

Recommended brands include Innovative Percussion, Vic Firth, and Promark.

FP-2FP-2 perc packFP-3 FP-3 perc pack   These are good starter packs if you are interested in getting everything at once. The FP-2 Intermediate Pack has one set of everything you need for marimba, bells, xylophone, snare drum, and timpani, plus a small bag. The FP-3 includes everything in the FP-2, plus an additional pair of marimba mallets for 4-mallet playing (standard in high school) plus a set of 4 vibraphone mallets. A full size bag is upgraded with the FP-3.

xylophone percussion kit  The Ludwig-Musser percussion kit is also a required item, which is typically purchased by percussion players in middle school for beginner band. This item will continue to serve as a home practice tool in high school band for percussion players. 


pad  Practice Pad (any brand, 12-inch preferred)