Battle of the Flowers

Battle of the Flowers Parade

Every year the Corps of Cadets participates in the Battle of the Flowers Parade.  This is an event where ALL

Cadets participate.  The Battle of the Flowers Parade is scheduled for TBD.  All CADETS need to

report to the JROTC at 9:00 am. 

The schedule is:

0900 am     Instructors / Cadets / Boosters Report to JROTC

0930 am     Departure to Parade

1030 am     Prep for Parade

1100 am     Report in

1200 am     Start of Parade

 2:00 pm    End of Parade

 2:30 pm    Lunch

 3:15 pm    Load Buses

 4: 30 pm   Arrival to JROTC - ECHS