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Empowering ECISD Families for Healthy Eating!

ECISD CNWe're excited to share some fantastic facts about our district's child nutrition program that showcase East Central ISD’s commitment to your child's well-being and growth.

Nurturing Guidelines: Did you know that the nutritional guidelines for our school meals are set by the United States Department of Agriculture? We're proud to announce that ECISD went through rigorous audits by both the Texas Department of Agriculture and the USDA last school year, with an additional summer program audit in June. Your child's nutrition is our priority!

Start the Day with a Nutritious Boost: Our breakfast options are designed to energize your mornings with a variety of wholesome choices. From vibrant fruits to hearty grains and refreshing milk, we're here to provide you with a balanced and delicious breakfast experience (three to four items). Whether you're at the secondary level, eating at least three fantastic items or at the elementary level enjoying a complete tray of goodness, we're committed to fueling your potential. Sometimes, meats will be substituted for grain.

Empowering Choices for Lunch: We believe in giving our students (K-12) the power to choose! Every day, they're presented with five components (they can have all five!)—meat, grain, vegetable (or two veggies), fruit, and milk—and they must select at least three to create a balanced meal. 🍽️ Plus, at least one of their choices must be a fruit or vegetable, encouraging a colorful and nutritious plate.

Pre-K Delights: Receiving our guidance from the USDA, our littlest learners in pre-k are served "straight tray" meals, receiving all five items on the Pre-K menu. Due to different nutritional guidelines, we ensure they start their journey with wholesome nutrition from the get-go! 

Building Healthy Habits: To ensure that our students enjoy a fulfilling meal that meets nutritional guidelines, they're encouraged to grab what they want as they move along the line. They’ll get one opportunity to go through the line, so make those choices awesome! This practice helps build positive habits from a young age. Parents and teachers alike are superheroes at guiding kiddos toward making empowering choices. 

Condiment Wisdom: Our provided condiments are carefully selected to complement the nutritional value of the day's menu. These choices help us ensure that the meals we offer are not just delicious but also contribute to your child's overall health. 

Room for Growth: We understand that appetites vary, and we're here to support your child's hunger journey! If your child prefers certain components or is still hungry, they have two fantastic options: they can purchase extras with our a la carte menu or explore the share cart, promoting a sense of community and sharing.

Remember, if you ever need assistance or have questions, please reach out to Child Nutrition at (210) 634-6260. Your partnership in nourishing the minds and bodies of our students is truly appreciated!

Let's continue to build a foundation of health and happiness together!