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Congrats to First Cohort for National Board Certification

Congratulations to ECISD's First Cohort for National Board Certification!

A group of ECISD teachers has just completed the intensive year-long commitment and are on their way to certification. We thank them for being the pioneers in this endeavor and look forward to supporting additional teachers in the fall.

Here is how the experience has impacted a few of them: "This experience has been so rewarding and enlightening to all the wonderful things I have been doing and honing my practices in other aspects of my teaching. I look forward to continuing to grow in my practices as a result of working through this cohort as well." Keara Uhl, East Central High School

"Participating in ECISD's 1st NBCT Cohort has been a journey that has forever transformed me as an educator. This experience has pushed me to critically analyze my classroom practices through reflection, deep analysis of data, and collaboration with colleagues, students & caregivers." Katy Dylla, Sinclair Elementary

"I was greatly appreciative of all the help and suggestions I received from other candidates in and out of my cohort as well as all the help and suggestions from Fernanda our cohort leader, and I just feel really proud of myself for being able to complete the candidacy process." Tamika Lewis Harris, East Central High School

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