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Maribel Arias receives Trinity University teaching award

Congratulations to Maribel Arias, ECISD's District Teacher of the Year and a 3rd-grade dual language teacher at Oak Crest Elementary, for receiving the prestigious Trinity University Excellence in Teaching Award! 

Maribel's dedication to education and her students has been recognized by her school district, making her a true standout among educators. Her outstanding classroom performance, leadership within the school and district, and commitment to the education profession have earned her this well-deserved honor.

As part of this recognition, Maribel received a beautiful Tiffany & Co. crystal apple engraved with her name, courtesy of Trinity University and President Vanessa B. Beasley, Ph.D. Thanks to the generosity of Whataburger and their "Feeding Student Success" program, she also received a $500 cash prize and a Whataburger gift basket, which includes free Whataburger for a whole year! Additionally, Maribel was granted a $250 Amazon gift card to support a student organization or initiative promoting diversity and inclusion in education, along with an extra $150 Amazon gift card for classroom supplies from the University's Department of Education and the Center for Educational Leadership.

Maribel's exceptional teaching approach sets her apart. She prioritizes her students' emotional well-being, valuing and celebrating their diverse cultural backgrounds to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. Her unwavering enthusiasm and willingness to support both students and fellow teachers know no bounds. Maribel consistently goes above and beyond her duties, showing a heart of gold in her commitment to her students' success.

Let's celebrate Maribel Arias and her remarkable achievements as an educator! 

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