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2021-2022 District Teachers of the Year announced

2021-2022 District Teachers of the Year!


Here's what each principal had to say about their school's Teacher of the Year:

  • Forrest Hawthorn - East Central High School 
    • Mr. Hawthorn is an incredible teacher but, more importantly, an extraordinary person. He teaches engineering classes at ECHS along with leading our Electrathon team. His innovative approach to teaching concepts of design, physics, and real-world mathematics leads his students to advanced problem-solving. He creates interesting and meaningful learning experiences for every one of his students. Additionally, he commits countless hours outside of school towards the Electrathon team. This team builds an electric car that will eventually race other high schools and colleges across the city of San Antonio, and they compete in National competitions too. His teams have won three first-place finishes in the Alamo area ACE race and won 1st in the last National competition in Florida. His commitment and dedication to his students are extraordinary. Forrest has a substantial impact on the lives of his students by instilling hope and belief that all students can learn, innovate, and solve complex problems. Furthermore, his students understand the power of teamwork and collaboration. More importantly, Mr. Forrest Hawthorn's students walk away from his program as better people.

  • Timothy Bishop - CAST Lead High School
    • Mr. Bishop is an amazing asset to CAST Lead. He creates and fosters powerful relationships with students. He has brought his passion for helping students grow as well-rounded individuals to all he does at CAST Lead. In addition to his role in the English classroom, Mr. Bishop often takes a leadership role in facilitating SEL lessons and guiding groups of students through Speak Up, Speak Out. He also helps our student leaders find their voice by founding the CAST Campus Culture Committee and shapes the next generation of educators by mentoring a student-teacher. Within the classroom, Mr. Bishop is blazing the trail as one of our pilot teachers for the Raising Blended Learners program, as he always looks for innovative and impactful ways to integrate new ways of teaching and learning. He is one of the main drivers of the understanding and supportive culture at CAST Lead.

  • Nicole Gawlik - Heritage Middle School
    • Sixth-grade Pre-Biology Teacher and Instructional Facilitator Mrs. Gawlik is the backbone of the Science Department. She is a calming voice during chaotic times and always relays expectations for planning and instruction clearly and concisely. In addition, she constantly checks in on our department and assists all teachers in any way. Mrs. Gawlik goes above and beyond to fill needs in our department when teachers are out for various reasons and helps all teachers on campus. She looks out for everyone and always puts our students and their needs first. She is an exemplary teacher and not only shares her expertise with others but is always willing to learn new strategies and bring what she knows back to our campus so that all teachers can grow. She is an example of what teachers strive to be. She deserves this recognition for all she does for everyone at Heritage Middle School and the East Central community.

  • Shelly Beasley - Legacy Middle School
    • Mrs. Beasley has been a loyal Legacy Knight for 17 years. She exemplifies our campus core values of Excellence, Service, and Growth. She has been a member of the Knights Behavioral Support Team. She has been featured in two publications for Emergent Tree because of her fidelity in implementing our Tier 1 behavior system. As our Assistant Band Director, she has excellent systems in the band hall. She is dependable and has built and cultivated solid and positive relationships with students and staff. Mrs. Beasley is currently pursuing her Master's degree in education to continue contributing to our school community with her leadership. A colleague who nominated Mrs. Beasley wrote, "Mrs. Beasley is one of the most dedicated and hard-working teachers we have at Legacy. She is professional, has shown excellent leadership skills not only for the electives but for the school as a whole, knows a lot about her content and other content, and is helpful to all teachers, administrators, and students. She also works well with the parents. She is working on a master's degree, which is giving her more insight to do leadership and it shows across the board. I nominate her because she deserves to be Teacher Of The Year."

  • Christopher Buckley - Harmony Elementary School
    • Coach Buckley is an asset to our school. He is great with the students and is involved in the community. He organized a school supply/backpack drive at the beginning of the year and provided an opportunity for teachers and staff to stay fit and healthy. He is a great role model and male figure for all of our students. Coach goes above and beyond for both students and staff to ensure all are engaged in a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices. He creates a fun environment where student and staff engagement is increased. Coach has a servant's heart. He gives of himself every day - to the students, the teachers, and the community. What a great role model for our students.

  • Meagan Jarzombek - Highland Forest Elementary School
    • Mrs. Jarzombek is an amazing teacher at HF. She frequently takes on tasks throughout the campus to make HF better. For example, she has taken on campus initiatives to improve the climate and culture for all! She assumes leadership roles on the campus, such as heading up committees and mentoring new teachers and other teachers. This helps to ensure that teachers new to our campus are successful in their transition. This year, she took on a new grade level and has done an outstanding job by implementing research-based practices and engaging activities. She takes the time to learn her TEKS and her students to gear the lessons to meet their needs. She gives 120 percent to her kids and always does what is in their best interest. She is a true servant leader!

  • Roger Lawson - Oak Crest Elementary
    • Mr. Lawson is genuinely a pillar at Oak Crest. He has paved the way with his leadership skills by giving back to the community and honoring our collaborative culture between monolingual and dual-language classes. He leads the campus in creating a positive climate and culture. He is involved in several leadership roles on campus and does it with joy! For example, he has recently led the United Way Campaign, helping our campus reach its goal. His ability to create buy-in from other staff members and students is mindblowing. In addition, he is a role model for our students. He shows them how to have a kind heart but challenges them with high expectations. He is the first to volunteer to lead clubs, community events and service-learning projects. Most recently, he was involved in facilitating a student-led Veteran's Day Program to honor the Veterans in the community. The students created a plan, facilitated the plan, and then led the program. He strives to make Oak Crest look the best in our community by submitting weekly Tides of Pride articles and finding ways to post about the great things happening at our campus. His impact on the community and Oak Crest is one of a kind!

  • Diana Glass - Pecan Valley Elementary School
    • Mrs. Glass has been a wonderful addition to PV. She has proven herself to be a leader amongst her peers in a short amount of time. She has a passion for all students and serves as a regular education teacher in a co-teach setting. She specifically asks to work with some of our most challenging students. Mrs. Glass is positive and contributes to our campus culture in admirable ways. She is reflective of her practices and a truly skilled master teacher. She exemplifies hard work, leadership, perseverance, and a solution-oriented mindset. Mrs. Glass takes time to get to know her students and creates exceptional relationships. Pecan Valley is proud to call Mrs. Glass a Lion!

  • Rummana Kilgore - Salado Elementary School
    • Mrs. Kilgore is seen as an asset to our school by all staff. She has valuable input during planning and meetings. She is very knowledgeable in her content, plans out thoroughly the activities and lessons for her students, and has a great relationship with her class. We are amazed every time we walk into her room how she naturally can address the needs of all students. She monitors and adjusts on the spot effortlessly. Aside from how she is in the classroom, she is a wonderful colleague. She is always willing to share her expertise, resources, and sometimes words of comfort to make all teachers feel welcome and inspired.

  • Nastasha Robles - Sinclair Elementary School
    • Ms. Robles has been a tremendous addition to the Sinclair staff. She continues to develop herself as a teacher and as a leader on campus. She worked in the district as a paraprofessional while obtaining her degree. She student taught at Sinclair, became a part of the teaching staff, and became a grade level lead. She is pursuing a master's in Educational Leadership. She serves as a model teacher and classroom for other staff members to observe. She is always willing to step in and help on campus when needed. She takes the time to go through each TEK and ensures that students' lessons are modified based on their needs through a blended approach. She always gives 100% to her students and Sinclair.

  • Nicole Bachman - Tradition Elementary School
    • Mrs. Bachman exemplifies kindness to all students, co-workers, and parents. Going above and beyond to advocate for all students has become second nature. Her out-of-the-box thinking to meet students' needs and provide engaging instruction in every way puts her in a league of her own. She constantly strives to grow in the profession and prioritizes strong relationships with her students. In addition, she collaborates with her co-teachers to ensure all components of the IEP are being implemented and are effective.

  • Frances Kotzur - Bexar County Learning Center
    • Mrs. Kotzur is a natural leader and maintains her composure in every situation. She advocates for teachers, and our students, which is a priority and creates a warm and inviting school climate. She has been very helpful when dealing with technology issues. She is our intervention teacher and works with our students one-on-one to ensure that they are showing growth and always has the students' best interest in mind, and always has a great attitude.