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Friends of Texas Public Schools

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We are a bit of a different type of organization… one that doesn’t invest energy in education reform but rather in celebrating what’s right with our schools. Contrary to popular opinion and the day’s headlines, our public schools are performing remarkably well. The widespread failures so often debated are nothing more than myths. Sure, there are isolated cases of failures across the country, but our schools are achieving more today than ever before and America’s schools are superior to any other nation in the world. All of those international comparisons are based on suspect data and, in our opinion, are grossly flawed.


We at Friends of Texas Public Schools believe the people of Texas have a right to know that our public schools are achieving more today than ever in their history in spite of the many challenges they face. The popular myth of widespread failure in our Texas public schools is just that – a myth. We believe that much can be accomplished when people believe in and promote the immense promise and possibility that exists within the classroom. We proudly embrace our schools as they strive to reach higher standards. Optimism breeds success. Children and teachers thrive in environments that are full of hope and encouragement. Our goal is to raise morale and bring a sense of optimism back to Texas public schools. We will draw attention to the many untold success stories and zero in on the accomplishments of our outstanding students, teachers, and administrators. By doing so, we hope to restore pride in our schools and pride in the teaching profession, leading current teachers to remain in the profession and others to consider teaching as a career. We also believe that more parents and communities will get involved when they feel good about their public schools. And, in the end, we hope that our positive voice will inspire schools to continue to achieve and continue to improve.


By educating Texans about Texas Public Schools and their many strengths and achievements, we aim to:
• Underscore the significance of them;
• Unite Texans around them;
• Restore pride in them;
• Strengthen confidence in them;
• Lift spirits among them; and
• Inject resources into them…

…all of which will lead to even greater performance.