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Jorge Moreno-Acosta

Jorge Moreno-Acosta is the youngest son of Jorge Moreno Avila and Reyna Acosta Almanza. While at East Central High School, he has served in the leadership positions of Junior Class Chief Membership Officer, Senior Class Vice President, National Honor Society Treasurer, PALS Treasurer, and the EC Tennis Team Captain. He has also been a member of the ACE program, Unity Council, and the International Culture Club. Throughout high school, his participation in rigorous courses including Honors Colloquium and a total of 16 Advanced Placement classes have challenged and prepared him to further his education. He plans to major in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. As a bilingual first-generation student, he would like to give a warm-hearted thanks to his parents for always encouraging and supporting him. Also, he is grateful for all his teachers who have given him the opportunities for growth and guidance in his educational life.