Grades 6th - 8th G/T Services

  • Students at the middle school level (grades 6-8) may be scheduled into Humanities, Pre Biology, and/or Pre-AP Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and/or Science classes. All options follow grade-level Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs) but are academically advanced courses designed to challenge gifted and/or motivated students to understand the rigorous content.


    Pre-Advanced Placement Courses are courses designed to develop the skills and concepts necessary for a student to be successful in the Advanced Placement courses. The College Board recommends that a continuum of these skills be taught as a foundation leading up to the challenging and rigorous courses in the AP program.



    Humanities combines Language Arts/Social Studies block focusing on interdisciplinary instruction, critical thinking, and advanced academics. Students are expected to communicate mastery of Social Studies content through mastery of the ELA standards.


    Humanities is the Instructional program that is used to service GT/high achieving students.  Humanities provides accelerated instruction, building skills through enrichment, and advanced learning opportunities for interested students in grades 6, 7, & 8.


    Students in Humanities are expected to master the grade-level district curriculum for Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies. The curriculum includes all TEKS in the content areas for the grade level and is bundled into units of study as outlined in the TEKS Resource System, or TCMPC.   

    Instructional Practices

    • Cross-Curricular
    • Project Based
    • History Day- Complete in January
    • Socratic Seminar
    • Project Based Field Quests
    • Text Based Projects

    Measurement Tools

    • Quarterly Assessments
    • Project Based Learning- DOK Level 4
    • Rubrics
    • Student Portfolios- digital: to include History Day score sheets, rubrics w/teacher feedback,  
    • Measurement Topics for GT Standards


    Heritage Middle School Humanities Site

    Legacy Middle School Humanities Site

    Conceptual Model



    Pre Biology compacts and Accelerates 6th-8th grade Science TEKS and students will then take PreAP Biology in 8th grade.


    Pre-Biology is the instructional program that is used to service GT students and provide an accelerated and enriched opportunity for interested students in grades 6 & 7 for the preparation of taking Pre-AP Biology in grade 8 and taking the Biology End of Course exam at the completion of the program.


    Students in Pre-Biology are expected to master the district curriculum for grades 6, 7,  & 8 before grade 8. The curriculum includes all TEKS in the science content areas for the grade level and is bundled into units of study as outlined in the district scope and sequence.   

    Instructional Practices

    • 5E Instructional Model
    • Project Based Learning
    • Blended Learning Framework

    Measurement Tools

    • Quarterly & Semester Assessments
    • Student Produced Projects
    • Student Portfolios

    Concept Map


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