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What is a parent s role in Standard Response Protocol


In the event of a live incident, parents may have questions about their role.




“Get Inside. Lock the outside doors.”

Secure is called when there is something dangerous outside of the building. Students and staff are brought into the building and the outside doors will be locked. The school might display the Building is Secured poster on entry doors or nearby windows. Inside, it will be business as usual.

SHOULD PARENTS COME TO THE SCHOOL DURING A SECURE EVENT? Probably not. Every effort is made to conduct classes as normal during a secure event. Additionally, parents may be asked to stay outside during a Secure event.

WHAT IF PARENTS NEED TO PICK UP THEIR STUDENTS? Depending on the situation, it may not be safe to release the student. As the situation evolves, Secure might change to a Monitored Entry and/or Controlled Release.

WILL PARENTS BE NOTIFIED WHEN  SCHOOL GOES INTO SECURE? When a secure event is brief, or the hazard is non-violent, like a wild animal on the playground, there may not be a need to notify parents while the Secure is in place. With longer or more dangerous events, the school will notify parents that the school has increased its security.




“Locks, lights, out of sight”

A Lockdown is called when there is something dangerous inside the building. Students and staff are trained to enter or remain in a room that can be locked and maintain silence. A Lockdown is only initiated when there is an active threat inside or very close to the building.

SHOULD PARENTS COME TO THE SCHOOL DURING A LOCKDOWN? The natural inclination for parents is to go to the school during a Lockdown. Understandable, but perhaps problematic. If there is a threat inside the building, law enforcement will be responding. It is unlikely that parents will be granted access to the building or even the campus. If parents are already in the school, they will be instructed to Lockdown as well.

SHOULD PARENTS TEXT THEIR STUDENTS? The district recognizes the importance of communication between parents and students during a Lockdown event. Parents should be aware though, during the initial period of a Lockdown, it may not be safe for students to text their parents. As the situation resolves, students may be asked to update their parents on a regular basis. In some cases, students may be evacuated and transported off-site for a student-parent reunification.

WHAT ABOUT UNANNOUNCED DRILLS? The school may conduct unscheduled drills, however it is highly discouraged to conduct one without announcing that it as a drill. That’s called an unannounced drill and can cause undue concern and stress. Parents should recognize that the school will always inform students that it is a drill during the initial announcement. It’s important to differentiate between a drill and an exercise. A drill is used to create the “Muscle Memory” associated with a practiced action. There is no simulation of an event; this is simply performing the action. An exercise simulates an actual event to test the capacity of personnel and equipment.