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Holocaust Remembrance Week

Holocaust Remembrance Week

January 23-27, 2023

On June 11, 2019, Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 1828 into law establishing Holocaust Remembrance Week throughout Texas public schools. Senator José Menéndez authored this bill which was brought to him by four San Antonio women who were concerned by data showing many students were unaware of the Holocaust and the rise in anti-Semitic events in the United States. SB 1828 passed unanimously in the House and Senate Chambers, allowing Texas to join 11 other states that require some form of Holocaust education in public schools. This bill will dedicate a full memorial week known as Holocaust Remembrance Week in Texas public schools each year.

This designation ensures that future generations of Texans learn from the lessons taught by millions who have come before them. It also helps establish that students are educated on the historical facts of the Holocaust by requiring the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to create and approve the educational material used for this designated week. SB 1828 not only educates students on the atrocities of the Holocaust but also encourages a sense of responsibility, allowing them to recognize and uphold the value of tolerance and diversity, helping to prevent future atrocities.