• East Central High School opened in 1951 on the outskirts of San Antonio; the first graduating class that year had 6 students. Today, over 800 students a year earn their diploma from the sprawling 30 acre campus, many with college credit as well. Home of the fighting Hornets, ECHS is proud to support one of the largest Health Science programs in the state of Texas, a multi-award winning Agricultural Science program, and the continual first place finishing, student built Electric Cars. Along with courses preparing our students to be future ready, our Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Seminar and Practicum offerings, students can participate in robotics, cyber patriot, dance, band, yearbook and JROTC, just to name a few. Our students have access to a variety of educational programs and extracurricular events to keep them engaged and connected. A few extracurricular options beyond the school day include clubs for anime enthusiasts, Mariachi players, esports players, and art lovers that provide a place for passion and friendship.  


    ECHS is proud to be home of the 1995 undefeated State Boys Basketball Champions. Past Hornets include: film actor Henry Thomas (E.T., Cloak and Dagger), Pro Football and Super Bowl Champion Michael Toudouze (Colts, Chargers, Titans), WNBA Superstar NaLyssa Smith (Indiana Fever) and Musician Colin Padalecki (Surfaces).



    1950-1951 Hershel Adkisson

    1951-1952 J. Marshall Butz

    1952-1953 John Albrecht

    1953-1961 Cecil Spray

    1961-1965 Pat Holmes

    1965-1977 Douglas Reichenau

    1977-1983 Reggie West

    1983-1988 Ramona Ward

    1988-1994 Jimmy Inman

    1994-1996 Harley Eckhart

    1996-1999 Co-Principals Harley Eckhart and Patti Birney

    1999-2000 Patti Birney

    2000-2001 Clyde Peacock

    2001-2004 Jack Wyatt

    2004-2007 Paul Rutledge

    2007-2014 Roland Toscano

    2014- 2022 Shane McKay

    2022 - Present Melissa Barnett Kocian


Hornet Image