Mr. Barry Huff

Phone: 210.595.0165


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Texas - San Antonio Teacher’s Certification in: English Language Arts and Reading (4th grade to 12th grade) Journalism (8th to 12th grade) English as a Second Language (Early Childhood to 12th grade) Special Education ( Earyl Childhood to 12th grade)

Mr. Barry Huff

Wecome!  You will be partnering with me for my 23rd year with the East Central Independent School District -- 11 years as a student (I graduated in 1991); 12 years as a teacher.  It is a proud feeling to be able to help guide future East Central graduates as your English Language Arts and Reading or Journalism I teacher.

During my entire my career with E.C.I.S.D. , I have been blessed to teach reading and writing for seventh grade students.  This school year, I get to move up with last year's 7th grade students, and help them prepare for high school.  I'm interested to see the emotional and academic growth of students during this critical last year of middle school.

Not to worry Journalism I students, when I started teaching for the district, I taught Journalism I, Yearbook, and Newpaper classes at the highschool.  And back in the old East Central highschool days, I was a Journalism student for FOUR years (Journalism I for ONE year and Yearbook for THREE years).

Whether you've had me as a student before, or this is your first time ever hearing my name, I look forward to the work ahead.  During our time together, we will learn from one another, and hopefully end using these strategies for years to come.

Course Currently Teaching:

    8th Gade English Language Arts and Reading

    Journalism I


Conference Period  (Times I'm available to meet or take calls directly)

   First and Eighth Periods

   Between 5:00pm and 9:00pm Monday through Friday (email or call to schedule a time)


Class Schedule:


First Period      -   Conference

Second Period  -   8th Gade English Language Arts and Reading (Pre-AP)

Third Period     -   Journalism I

Fourth Period   -   8th Gade English Language Arts and Reading

Fifth Period      -   8th Gade English Language Arts and Reading

Sixth Period     -  Level UP/LUNCH

Seventh Period Journalism I

Eighth Period    -  Conference


Tutoring Schedule

      Tuesdays and Thursdays -- 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

      If a later time is needed, please email or call me to schedule a time.