• ECISD is accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year for student enrollment at Pecan Valley STEM Academy. Spots are available in Pre-K through 5th grade. If the capacity limit is met in a grade level, your child will be offered a place on our waitlist. If space becomes available in a classroom, we will offer your child a student position at the STEM Academy.

    The mission of Pecan Valley STEM Academy is to provide a rigorous STEM-based educational environment where students of diverse backgrounds are inspired to lead lives filled with learning, innovating, and contributing towards a better tomorrow. 

    Pecan Valley scholars will thrive academically and socially in learning environments that foster curiosity, innovation, and leadership.  As global citizens, students will be well-equipped to meet the challenges in the world around them. 

    We believe:

    • In educating the whole child through activities that promote academic,  mental, physical, and social growth.

    • Through experiential, inquiry-based instruction, we can inspire students’ learning across the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

    • Curiosity, choice, and agency are  catalysts  for meaningful, life-long learning

    • Teachers serve as facilitators of learning and role models using various strategies to help students experience success in  achieving their goals

    • Practicing and being acknowledged for positive behavior choices leads to a more productive community.

    • Students, families, teachers, and the community are partners in the educational process and place importance on learning for life.

    School Overview

    The Pecan Valley STEM Academy provides a unique learning experience for students through the Engineering Design Process. Students have the ability to learn across content areas and apply their learning in a variety of ways.

    Student and Parent Expectations

    The Pecan Valley STEM Academy seeks interested students who enjoy problem-solving and collaboration in an environment that fosters curiosity and innovation. Parent/guardian participation in the Pecan Valley STEM Academy is critical for the success of your student.  The academy student should strive to achieve

    • an Attendance rate of 96% or higher
    • a maintained Behavior grade of 3 or higher
    • a maintained Academic average of a 3 or higher
    • a growth mindset towards continuous Academic and Behavioral performance

    Selection and Notification Process

    Applications are available until February 22, 2023.

    Applications submitted after this date will be accepted, and a decision will be made based on the availability of space and the student’s campus of origin.  Once all slots are filled through a lottery system, additional applications will be placed on a waiting list. Incoming Pre-K through 5th-grade students who reside in the ECISD school district for the 2023-2024 year are eligible to apply.

    STEP 1: Complete and submit the online application for the Pecan Valley STEM Academy.

    STEP 2: Campus staff will review applications for availability per grade level.*

    STEP 3: Families will be notified of acceptance or waitlist placement. 

    *If the capacity limit is met at a grade level, your child will be offered a place on our waitlist. 
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