Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Whitney Weddel

My name is Whitney Weddel and I am a Health Science Technology Instructor, and the Career and Technical Education Department Lead at East Central High School in San Antonio. My background prior to teaching was Emergency Medicine where I worked as a Registered Nurse, at the bedside, taking care of patients for over 12 years. I hold a Masters's degree in Nursing Science, with a  concentration in Nursing Administration, from the Baptist School of Health Professionals. I started teaching in 2017 at East Central High School, where I have been able to certify and train over 100 students as state-certified Nurse Aides and over 30 students as Registered Dental Assistants. I have gained many achievements along the way including Texas New Teacher of the Year for THOA in 2019-2020, CTAT New Teacher of the Year in 2020, ACTE Region 7 New Teacher of the Year in 2021, being awarded locally amongst my peers for Professional Accountability, and a values champion for perseverance. I continue to have opportunities to grow as a leader through mentoring teachers and serving in leadership capacities on my campus.  I strive to initiate and maintain programs that will have students involved in successful experiences during their high school careers.  



Phone: 830-507-3845

Room: John Glenn/CAST Campus Rm 334

"Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much"- Helen Keller