Using Google Classroom for Remote Learning

  • During remote learning, all teachers will use Google Slide Decks to organize daily instruction. Slide decks will be pushed out through Google Classroom. This will allow students to use their slide deck as an interactive workspace. Students can keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click. 

    To learn more about Google Classroom, please watch the videos below.

    Do you have remote learning questions? Each East Central ISD school has its own remote learning hotline open now! To find the contact number or email for your school, visit the Help Desk page.

How to Connect to Google Classroom

How to Turn In Work on Google Classroom

Parent/Guardian Notifications about Student Work in Google Classroom

  • Teachers can invite a parent or guardian to receive email summaries about their student’s work in Google Classroom. Email summaries do not include grades. You can receive grade notifications in TxConnect. Guardians who sign up for email summaries cannot see the Stream, Classwork, People, or Grades pages in Google Classroom.

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Clever Student Portal

  • Clever is an easy way for your child to log in to the online programs they use at school. Schools use Clever so students can have all of their digital resources in one place. Clever also eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

    Click here for more information about Clever, including how to log in to the student portal.

    clever log in portal


Student Email Address

  • The email address for your child is comprised of the first six of the first name, first four of the last name, and last three of the student ID number.

    So, if the student is Jeffrey Smith with student ID 123456, the email address would be

    Your child’s teacher has the ability to lookup email addresses and reset passwords. Many of our students may have been using district email addresses before this event, such as the case this past spring.

    student gmail account

Turning In Slide Decks on a Computer or iPad

Google Classroom on iPads, iPhones and iPods

Click to view these videos.

Joining google classroom

Slide decks in ipads