• FCCLA hosted Distracted Driving Awareness Week 1-8-19 through 1-11-19. We strived to educate our student body about the dangers of distracted driving, and drinking and driving! It was a great success! We had the opportunity to have Tyson Dever come speak about his experience. 

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    FCCLA Homecoming Parade 2018

    FCCLA will be hosting an event called Reading for Success at Schaffer Library in November and December. There will be East Central High School students at the library to read to elementary students in our district at these times.
    The dates that we will be at the library:
    - November 14th, December 12th from 5pm-5:45pm                - November 28th, December 5th & 19th  from 5pm-6pm
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    COME ONE, COME ALL! For the Ultimate Leadership Experience!

     FCCLA stands for Family, Career, Community Leaders of America. We are very proud to have a large FCCLA club at ECHS!

    With FCCLA you will:

    • Develop personal leadership style. 
    • Have fun through shared group experiences and develop a wider circle of friends across the state and nation.
    • Prepare for community living as a responsible citizen and experience the satisfaction of helping others.
    • Identify concerns, make decisions, and carry out activities.
    • Gain recognition for accomplishments. 

    FCCLA hosted Furniture for VETS on November 11, which was a huge success! There will be so many thankful VETS with furniture 

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    3 Furniture for VETS  

    ‪ECHS FCCLA assisted with Operation Cold Front! We are so thankful for the opportunity to assist with giving back to our veterans. Thank you Councilwoman Ana Sandoval from District 7, VetStrong, and AARP for this experience! 

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    2nd Annual Pancakes with Santa was on December 8th from 8:30am-11:30am at East Central HS

        Pancakes Pancakes with Santa Save the date

  • Meetings: 

    FCCLA meetings are held on Wednesdays at 4:05pm in Room 2157


    1/8/19-1/18/19           4:05pm-4:30pm

    10/23/18- 11/1/18      4:05pm-4:30pm

    FCCLA will be selling CHIPS and SODAS in the bus circle! 

  • Advisors:

    Mrs. Baylie Collins          in Room 2140

    Mrs. Lauren Kelley         in Room 2157

    Ms. Sascha Woodward  in Room 202 on South Campus


    2018-2019 Officers

    President                                     Vice President

    Rhonda Garay                              Destiny Hawkins

    Vice President of Media                 Vice President of Records

    Kiana Cleveland .                          Jose Herrada

    Vice President of Achievement       Secretary                                     

    Evian Thomspson                         Emerald Ornelaz                           

    Treasurer                                     Historian

    Leslie Arias                                  Jaila Stull


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