Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Goldie Tappan MS, MEd, CALT, Diagnostician

Phone: (210)634-6500 room 242 or (210)570-8698


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Interdisciplinary Studies MS Educational Technology MEd Special Education Dyslexia/assessment Certified Academic Language Therapist

Mrs. Goldie Tappan MS, MEd, CALT, Diagnostician

What is a CALT? 

 What is ALTA? 

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I have been a Certified Academic Language Therapist for over 10 years, with a total of nearly 20 years in education. This certification is a national license that allows me to work with Dyslexic students both in public education and in private practice. In addition to this certification, I am also certified through the State of Texas in both regular education and special education, as well as English Second Language and an Educational Diagnostician. Prior to coming to Heritage, I have taught as both a regular and special education teacher. Prior to coming East Central, I worked with Gifted and Talented as well as Dyslexic students. Currently, I am the Dyslexia Therapist at Heritage and teach Basic Language Skills and Developing Metacognitive Skills. 

Students working with me in the Dyslexia Therapy, Multisensory Reading classes will be working on strengthening their weakest areas in the reading process. We will complete the systematic exploration of the phonemes used in English begun in previous years. All phoneme-grapheme correspondence rules will be taught and practiced which allows the students to work towards developing accuracy as well as automaticity in their reading. Vocabulary, fluency, spelling, and handwriting instruction are also integrated into the class instruction. Comprehension skills are built using both narrative and expository texts. 

Students assigned to the Developing Metacognitive Skills course have mastered most of the foundational reading skills but still need some intensive intervention. In this course we work on putting everything together and look very closely at strategies to increase comprehension. 

Students who are no longer in need of direct services are still monitored for success in our monitor program and can use me as a resource to help them find the right set of accommodations that allow them demonstrate progress in their core content classes. 

Grades for both courses (BLS, DMS) are based on the stadards of the Dyslexia curriculum, upon which student participation and progress in the curriculum are of primary focus; much like progress reports you may have seen in the younger grades.

Tutoring is available on Thursday Mornings and by appointment in the afternoons.

Courses Taught: Dyslexia Therapy 6th, 7th, 8th grades   Developing Metacognitive Skills 6th, 7th, 8th

Conference times: Available after 2:00