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Need a Marketing Strategy

Performing a marketing campaign can be executed, part of the pre-planning is understanding and indicating the communication channels Marketing & Communications provides.

  • Website
    • Space within the rotating banners and under News/Announcements on the home page are available on a case-by-case basis. Marcom can create a section on a case-by-case basis, or assign your communication to your dept's already established section or campus website.
  • Social Media
    • Social media is one of the primary ways to communicate with our District community. Each channel has its own unique audience: Facebook is for the parents; Twitter is a bit more open; Instagram is for the students; LinkedIn is for professionals & careers. The District only posts on Facebook 2-3 times a day. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can accept more posts. We can also assist with placing ads on social media and/or Google Ads (client is responsible for using their own budget).
      • ECISD on Facebook (this is THE audience for parents, especially moms): @ECProud
      • ECISD on Twitter (the audience for this are adults and internal within our District): @ECISDTweets
      • ECISD on Instagram (the audience for this are overwhelmingly kids): @ecisdig
      • ECISD on LinkedIn (professional, job postings):
  • Mass Notification System
    • Important announcements and urgent matters are systematically deployed with ParentLink through Blackboard. These include one-way phone calls, text messages and emails. This is on a case-by-case basis determined on emergency need.
  • Media Pitches and Press Releases
    • Marcom handles all collaboration with local, state and national media outlets. On a case-by-case basis to prevent fatigue, we can issue out story pitches and media releases to our media contacts. Generally, these work best if it is a human interest story with an interesting, unique angle with fascinating visuals or something that sets us apart from other districts in the city and county.
  • The Tides of Pride
    • A weekly e-newsletter featuring highlights of the week from East Central ISD. Sent to all staff, media outlets, community leaders and any subscribers. It is also posted on the District's social media. To submit a story, use the Tides of Pride submission form.
  • Publications
    • On a demonstrated case-by-case basis, Marcom can generate publications (brochures, flyers, postcards, mailing services). While there isn't a fee for Marcom to design and connect with local vendors, there are fees to manufacture the publications which generally are paid for through the client's budget.
  • Videos
    • On a case-by-case basis, Marcom can produce videos no more than 3-5 minutes in length. We actually aim for less so the videos are social media-friendly. The process will include pre-production meetings, production days, and editing. Turnaround times for videos are typically 2-4 weeks. 
Ways we communicate at East Central ISD