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East Central ISD Approved Online Resources

East Central ISD Approved Online Resources

In order for schools within the East Central Independent School District to continue to be able to provide students with the most effective web-based tools and applications for learning, our district utilizes Google’s G Suite for Education and a number of other web-based services. Under federal law, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) specifies these websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. The law permits school districts such as ours to consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all of its students, thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent given directly to the web site operator. A list of the possible sites to be used in our classrooms, with links to their privacy policies and terms of services can be obtained by clicking on the following link.  

Approved East Central ISD Online Resources

 All online resources approved for use in the district are vetted for compliance with student privacy laws. The district also takes measures to ensure approved resources provide a safe and secure environment for our students. Only those online resources listed in the document linked above may be used with ECISD students. Teachers may submit requests to add to the approved list via the form at the following link:

Request to Add an Online Resource

Approved requests will be added to the list of Approved East Central ISD Online Resources.
Online resources that do not meet the required safety and security standards for students will not be approved. A record of these requests will be maintained at the bottom of the list for teacher reference.

This information is included in the Parent/Student Handbook. A parent/guardian signature on the acknowledgment form in the Student Handbook serves as a record that consent is given for the parent/guardian’s child to use these services under school district supervision. Parents may ask that their child's account be removed from optional services at any time by submitting their request through the form below:

 Request to Remove Student Online Resource Account 

Campuses and teachers will be notified should a removal request be received.