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Instructional Technology

Digital Learning Philosophy   East Central ISD believes that there are three core components at the heart of good teaching with technology: content, pedagogy, and technology. The content is "what" will be taught. The pedagogy is "how" the content will be delivered. Technology is a partner to both content and pedagogy, and should be used to enrich the "what" and the "how." There is no "one best way" to integrate technology into curriculum. Rather, integration efforts should be creatively designed or structured for particular subject matter in specific classroom contexts.  
The integration of technology throughout the content areas will help East Central ISD students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, inter-connected, highly technological knowledge-based economy. We value creating learning opportunities where students are motivated, interested, and engaged in high quality, relevant work. The integration of digital tools and resources will not only provide classrooms with more interesting, diverse, and current learning materials, but will also help to engage students in the learning process. East Central ISD realizes that teachers are the most important influence on the quality of learning. Digital tools and resources offer teachers a myriad of ways in which to reach different types of learners and to assess student understanding through multiple means.