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Energy Management

Energy Management


Energy Management

The combination of the state budget cuts and the continued rising operating costs is requiring us to alter the way we view and use our energy resources. As a result, the District has taken a proactive approach toward energy reduction by implementing an energy management program.


ECISD will collectively work together to reduce energy consumption, develop a sustainable behavioral change and maintain an environment that is conducive to the learning environment.  

How is the District Benefiting?

The energy management program started in April 2013. Since the implementation of the program, the District has reduced energy consumption by 25.5 % and has saved $5,178,637.00 in cost avoidance. These savings go directly back to our schools to help purchase educational materials.

In This Section

Nick Gawlik
Energy Specialist 
(210) 634-6222      

Energy Specialist Responsibilities
  • Work with school staff to ensure efficient use of facilities.
  • Audit buildings to ensure the proper functioning of mechanical equipment and track building usage patterns.
  • Track and analyze energy consumption for every building.
  • Monitor billing cycles of utility providers.
  • Monitor building conditions that help ensure quality learning.
  • Generate energy usage and utility budget reports.