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G T & Advanced Academics

The East Central G/T Program is academic in nature and serves the four core areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. The overarching goals of the program focus on thinking skills, subject matter knowledge and skills, research and independent study skills, and self-concept and leadership skills.  

Thinking Skills 

Students will develop their ability to use higher-level thinking skills, extend their understanding of logical thinking through the use of deductive and inductive reasoning, demonstrate creative expression through both oral and written modalities, and continually refine their skills to become educated decision-makers. 

Subject Matter Knowledge and Skills  

Students will study advanced-level content and master the major concepts, skills, and processes of specific disciplines in which they demonstrate ability.  

Self-Concept and Leadership  

Students will gain an understanding and respect for each person's abilities, recognizing the likenesses and differences between themselves and others, and will develop their own unique abilities for the betterment of both themselves and society.   Students who exhibit advanced intellectual development in one or more of the core subject areas (i.e., language arts, sciences, mathematics, social science) are identified and provided services through the Gifted and Talented Program.  

G/T Handbook

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