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The Wellness Task Force Committee, in consultation with the District, shall review and consider evidence-based strategies and techniques and shall develop nutrition guidelines and wellness goals as required by law.

In the development, implementation, and review of these guidelines and goals, the Wellness Task Force Committee shall permit participation by parents, students, representatives of the District's food service provider, physical education teachers, school health professionals, members of the Board, school administrators, and members of the public.

The Wellness Task Force Committee, in consultation with the District Education Improvement Council (DEIC), shall develop a wellness plan to implement the District's nutrition guidelines and wellness goals. The wellness plan shall, at a minimum, address:

  1. Strategies for soliciting involvement by and input from persons interested in the wellness plan and policy;
  2. Objectives, benchmarks, and activities for implementing the wellness goals;
  3. Methods for measuring implementation of the wellness goals;
  4. The District's standards for foods and beverages provided, but not sold, to students during the school day on a school campus; and
  5. The manner of communicating to the public applicable information about the District's wellness policy and plan.

The Wellness Task Force Committee, in consultation with the DEIC, shall review and revise the plan on a regular basis and recommend revisions to the wellness policy when necessary.


Wellness Task Force meetings are open to any interested ECISD parent, student, community member, and partner.

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