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Medical, Health, Dental, Life & Supplemental Benefits Enrollment Guidelines

The East Central ISD offers group medical coverage and other voluntary benefits to employees meeting eligibility requirements for each product or coverage. The ECISD plan year for benefits begins September 1 and ends August 31 each year. 

Eligible employees are offered coverage and are eligible to enroll at the following times:

  • WITHIN 31 DAYS OF DATE OF HIRE:  Eligible employees are offered coverage at the date of hire and have 31 days from the first day of employment to either enroll or decline coverage for themselves and dependents. 
  • DURING THE ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD:  Eligible employees may enroll or make changes in coverage for the next plan year during the annual open enrollment period. Changes made during open enrollment are effective on September 1 of the upcoming plan year.  If employees do not make changes during open enrollment, then the current plan enrollments will roll over to the following year except for medical FSA.
  • WITHIN 31 DAYS OF A QUALIFYING LIFE EVENT:   The ability to make changes to your insurance elections after the enrollment period ends depends on whether or not the insurance coverage is on the cafeteria plan and/or whether or not you have a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce, death, change in employment, death of family member, etc.,  Please read below.
    • Coverage for any product can be dropped:
    • Coverage can be added only within 31 days of a qualifying life event. NOTE:  Employees may not enroll in medical coverage for themselves or dependents during the plan year due to a voluntary loss of coverage.
    • Changes in coverage such as adding or removing a dependent, changing plan type, or changing plan coverage level can only be done within 31 days of a qualifying life event. Employees may not enroll in health coverage for themselves or dependents during the plan year due to a voluntary loss of coverage.

Employees may self-enroll by accessing the District’s online enrollment system at, or they may contact the third-party administrator, First Financial Group of America, or the Benefits Department for assistance.  For life-event coverage changes, employees must contact the Benefits Department for assistance.