• Pre AP Courses

    Pre-Advanced Placement Courses are courses designed to develop the skills and concepts necessary for a student to be successful in the Advanced Placement courses. The College Board recommends that a continuum of these skills be taught as a foundation leading up to the challenging and rigorous courses in the AP program.

    Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

    Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses which are challenging and rigorous and allow students to pursue and receive credit for college-level work while in high school. Students who complete AP courses are highly encouraged to sit for AP Exams where a qualifying score of a 3 or higher may enable students to receive college credit and/or advanced standings at a university or college. Earning designated scores on these exams allows students to earn college credit for the courses while still in high school. Only those courses recognized and tested through The College Board's AP Exams may carry the AP designation. All AP courses offered in East Central ISD have been approved through the College Board AP Audit.

    Dual Credit Courses

    Dual Credit is a college-level course taught in a high school setting or can be taken at the college or university while still in high school.