Referral Procedures

    Through an open referral system, efforts will be made to secure referrals for screening from any person familiar with a student's abilities. A formal screening period has been established in late winter through early spring of each school year. Kindergarten students must be identified by March 1 of each year, as per state law.
    A student may be referred by one or more of the following: teacher, parent or guardian, student, psychologist, counselor, librarian, administrator, or community member. Referrals should be submitted to the campus principal or campus GT contact. The parent must also sign a Permission-to-test form before testing can proceed. 
    Screening Procedures
    All committee members should have received a minimum of 6 clock hours training in the nature and needs of gifted students.
    Assessment instruments may include but are not limited to the following:
    1) General intellectual ability tests
    2) Subject matter aptitude tests
    3) Behavior checklists completed by teachers
    4) Student products
    One member of the committee will be selected to collect screening data. The committee will meet to compile and organize data in a form that facilitates decision-making for the selection of students. The screening process will not discriminate against students with regard to race, creed, sex, or handicapping condition. Confidentiality will be assured regarding the rights of privacy of individual students' records in accordance with section FL of the East Central ISD Board Policy Manual.
    Furloughs are granted for 1 semester or up to a year (based on the committee's decision for best placement of the student). At the conclusion of that year, the student must be exited or re-entered into the GT program. Furlough/Enter/Exit form must be completed by the GT Screening Committee. Parents need to be included in the committee decision.
    Admitting Transfer Students to the GT Program Policy 
    When a student identified as gifted by a previous school district transfers into the ECISD, the student's records shall be reviewed by the selection committee to determine if placement in the District's program for gifted and talented students is appropriate.
    Transfer Procedures
    Transfer students who have been identified as GT in another district will have the opportunity to participate in the East Central I.S.D. GT program if there is a reasonable expectation that they can be successful in their campus' GT instructional setting.
    In order to maximize the likelihood of success, the following procedures will be followed on all campuses:
    1. Transfer students who bring records of prior testing with assessment data sufficient to complete the ECISD matrix and with scores high enough to qualify according to district standards may be placed immediately into their campus' GT setting without further screening.
    2. For students whose data does not match our testing requirements but shows evidence that they were previously in an Academic Gifted and Talented Program in their previous district, they may be placed on a provisional status. Students who are placed on a provisional status will not be entered as GT in PEIMS. Parents will be notified in writing that the placement is provisional and future testing may be required before a committee determines formal placement. Formal entrance procedures will be followed once it is determined that the committee has sufficient data and the student will then be coded GT in our PEIMS system.
    The emphasis throughout the process of determining placement for transfer students is on finding the best match between instructional options and the student's abilities and interests.