Federal Programs

  • East Central ISD participates in the following Every Students Succeed Acts funding resources:  Title I - Parts A, C & D;  Title I - School Improvement,  Title II - Parts A,  Title III - LEP, and Title IV.

    And, East Central designates and serves nine campuses as school-wide programs. The campuses are as follows: Harmony Elementary, Heritage Middle School, Highland Forest Elementary, Legacy Middle School Pecan Valley Elementary, Oak Crest Elementary, Salado Elementary, Sinclair Elementary, and Tradition Elementary.

    Any Private Non-Profit (PNP) school that serves an East Central ISD residing youth may contact the district's Director of Federal Programs to discuss what applicable, equitable services may exist and arranged for the student, family, and/or school. Each ESSA, as well as all other Federal Funding resources, differs regarding intentions, requirements and their parameter of  PNP services; Therefore, PNPs and public school districts are required to engage in timely and meaningful consultations.  Consultations for 2020-2021 services are currently occurring and planned to be concluded by May 1, 2020.  East Central's Federal Programs Directors is Ms. Meredith Rokas and who may be contacted at 210-634-6143 or by email:  meredith.rokas@ecisd.net



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