About Transition

  • Students with disabilities transition throughout their school careers-from grade to grade, from early childhood programs to elementary school, elementary to middle school, middle to high school, or high school to college and employment. Transition is a coordinated set of activities that includes instruction, related services, community experiences, development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives, and, when appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation.

    When To Start To Plan For Transition

    Discussing the transition from school to a career and college can begin any time during a student’s educational career.  Transition Services are required to be discussed before the student is 14 years old. East Central ISD begins to formally address transition in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process when the student is 13 years old.

    Types Of Accommodations Are Available In College and the Workplace

    Colleges and Universities will typically provide accommodation for students with disabilities. The student must request the accommodation and provide documentation of disability.  

    Employers must provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace.The student must request the accommodations and provide documentation of disability.  

    Texas Transition and Employment Guide

    Visit the Texas Education Agency webpage www.texastransition.org/guide/ to view the current Texas Transition and Employment Guide.