• How to Take the TSI Exam at East Central High School:

    Taking the TSI test is a process that is handled by Palo Alto College's College Connection Team. It is not a test you can pay for the same day or week. As the seats for the TSI testing fill up, they are first come, first test. Therefore, you need to follow all of the steps below to ensure you have a seat to test.




    Here are the steps to follow with the PAC College Connection Team:

    1. Complete your application in Apply Texas.org to any of the Alamo Colleges, like Palo Alto College. This will give you access via email to Alamo Colleges’ online portal ACES to do the mandatory Pre-TSI Test Module Prep prior to taking the TSI test.

    Prior to taking the TSI, the student must show proof that he or she has completed the TSI pre-assessment modules per the State of Texas.  ACES has two built-in TSI test prep modules that are required to be completed and printed out along with your Banner ID number before you are allowed to test.


    ACES Alamo



    2. Alamo Colleges will create your ACES account and email you how to access it. To access it, go to your email and follow the directions on how to log into alamoace.alamo.edu.

    3. If you cannot find your email from Alamo Colleges, click on Getting Started with ACES. It will give you directions on logging in.

    4. Login to ACES and find the Start Here tab.

    5. Click on each ENROLL button to access the Go FAARR and Test Prep modules to begin the AlamoENROLL requirements - see below. (In order to test with East Central and Alamo Colleges, you must complete the GO FAARR and TEST PREP and print out or send screen shot proof of completion to Mrs. Watts via email at vicki.watts@ecisd.net along with your Banner ID number.)


    ACES Start Here Tab


    6. Then, in March of 2018, you will receive a payment slip from Mrs. Watts to pay $15 to the bookkeeper, Ms. Ford.

    7. Bring the receipt back to Mrs. Watts or email her that you have paid. Then, you will be sent confirmation and given a TSI testing date either via your classes or via email.

    8. Go to the GO Center or the Testing Center (Rooms 2116 &/or 2117) by 8:45 am on the test day.