• Donate Now All donations to the East Central School Foundation serve the students of East Central ISD by:

    • helping to provide for basic needs via our District Social Service Department and student programs
    • providing enrichment experiences through innovative and creative Teacher Mini-Grants
    • offering scholarships to aid students attending colleges and universities

    The Teacher Certification Reimbursement Program assist current employees in securing appropriate teaching certification in identified shortage areas in the district (Career and Technical Education, Bilingual Education, Math, Special Education plus Content, ESL) by providing financial assistance for course preparation, to include  Alternative Certification Programs. 

    Barry Stevens ExCITES Scholarship help facilitate the post-secondary needs of both associates degree and industry certifications in career and technical fields for students seeking occupations in high demand jobs as listed by the Alamo Workforce Commission as most needed skilled workers in the San Antonio and surrounding communities.

    The Foundation awards Teacher Mini-Grants for innovative classroom projects each year. Projects enrich the current curriculum and create opportunities for students and teachers that would not otherwise be funded.