East Central ISD 

    Career and Technical Education

    CTE Staff Directory 


    Dr. Amanda Holman

    Director of College, Career, and Military Readiness




    Lauren Long

    Coordinator of College, Career, and Military Readiness



    Jane Brown

    Instructional Specialist for College, Career, and Military Readiness



     Heidi Pease

    CTE/ Special Education Transition Facilitator



    Cyndi Vela

    Secretary for Director of CCMR






    East Central High School Staff: 

     Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: 

    Danny Kempen daniel.kempen@ecisd.net
    Lori Kempen lori.kempen@ecisd.net
    Jacob Kessler jacob.kessler@ecisd.net
    Bella Alaniz isabella.alaniz@ecisd.net
    Candace Landrum candace.landrum@ecisd.net

      Arts, A/V, Technology

    Lisa Jordan lisa.jordan@ecisd.net
    Charles McGinnis charles.mcginnis@ecisd.net

     Architecture and Construction

    Matthew Bracken matthew.bracken@ecisd.net
    Ted McDaniel ted.mcdaniel@ecisd.net
    Estevan Munoz estevan.munoz@ecisd.net

     Information Technology

    Meagan Gatlin meagan.gatlin@ecisd.net
    Carlos Ochoa carlos.ochoa@ecisd.net

     Health Science

    Ian Watteau ian.watteau@ecisd.net
    Dan Severtson dan.severtson@ecisd.net
     Amber Hilburn amber.hilburn@ecisd.net
    Chela Brown Chela.brown@ecisd.net
    Terri Urteaga terri.urteaga@ecisd.net
    Jamie Navarro jamie.navarro@ecisd.net
    Valerie Flores valerie.flores@ecisd.net
    Jackie Regalado  jacqueline.regalado@ecisd.net

     Family and Consumer Sciences

    Francis Falcon francis.falcon@ecisd.net
    Jade Rodriguez jade.rodriguez@ecisd.net
    Courtney Mize courtney.mize@ecisd.net
    Sherri Mize sherri.mize@ecisd.net
    Kelsea Featherston kelsea.featherston@ecisd.net
    Lauren Kelley lauren.kelley@ecisd.net
    Karen Viator karen.viator@ecisd.net
    Sascha Woodward sascha.woodwar@ecisd.net
    Marie-Louise Koelzer marie.koelzer@ecisd.net
    Dana Zschiesche


     Criminal Justice

    Elaine Juarez elaine.juarez@ecisd.net
    Joseph Zottich joseph.zottich@ecisd.net
     Jesus Acosta jesus.acosta@ecisd.net

     Business Education 

    Corey Johnson corey.johnson@ecisd.net
    Andy Goodridge anderson.goodridge@ecisd.net


    Heritage Middle School

     Gilbert Ramos gilbert.ramos@ecisd.net CCMR
    Yisel McConnel Yisel.mcconnel@ecisd.net CCMR
    Julia Schuster julia.schuster@ecisd.net Business Ed
    Donald Lacy donald.lacy@ecisd.net Robotics
    Douglas Atcheson douglas.atcheson@ecisd.net Robotics

    Legacy Middle School

    Marlyn Aala Marlyn.aala@ecisd.net CCMR
    Susan Hector Susan.hector@ecisd.net CCMR/ Business
    Nathan Neuls Nathan.neuls@ecisd.net Robotics/ Coding
    Scott Barnett Scott.barnett@ecisd.net CCMR/ Robotics
    Colin Gillespie Colin.gillespie@ecisd.net Engineering
    Deborah Thomas Deborah.thomas@ecisd.net Hospitality and Tourism




    CAST Lead


    CAST Lead High School Staff


    Campus Principal: Mrs. Ashland Pingue

    Partnership Development Specialist: Ms. Catelyn Vasquez


    Hospitality and Tourism

    Robert Moran : robert.moran@ecisd.net



    Bruce Cooper : bruce.cooper@ecisd.net


    Arts, A/V Technology

    Katherine Thompson : katherine.thompson@ecisd.net