• CTE Staff Directory 


    Dr. Amanda Holman

    Director of College, Career, and Military Readiness




    Cyndi Vela

    Administrative Assistant for CCMR




    Vicki Watts

    College and Career Counselor 


    East Central High School Staff: 

     Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: 

    Wesley Harris wesley.harris@ecisd.net
    Danny Kempen daniel.kempen@ecisd.net
    Lori Kempen lori.kempen@ecisd.net
    Jared Lynch jared.lynch@ecisd.net

      Arts, A/V, Technology

    Lisa Jordan lisa.jordan@ecisd.net
    Charles McGinnis charles.mcginnis@ecisd.net

     Architecture and Construction

    Andy Gomez andy.gomez@ecisd.net
    Frank Salinas frank.salinas@ecisd.net

     Information Technology

    Daniel Christian daniel.christian@ecisd.net
    Jonathan Kavanagh jonathan.kavanagh@ecisd.net

     Health Science

    Heidi Pease heidi.pease@ecisd.net
    Whitney Weddell whitney.weddell@ecisd.net
    Dan Severtson dan.severtson@ecisd.net

     Family and Consumer Sciences

    Francis Falcon francis.falcon@ecisd.net
    Baylie Collins baylie.collins@ecisd.net
    Courtney Mize courtney.mize@ecisd.net
    Sherri Mize sherri.mize@ecisd.net
    Miriam Pineda miriam.pineda@ecisd.net
    Lauren Kelley lauren.kelley@ecisd.net
    Karen Viator karen.viator@ecisd.net
    Sascha Woodward sascha.woodwar@ecisd.net

     Criminal Justice

    Elaine Juarez elaine.juarez@ecisd.net
    Deral Miller deral.miller@ecisd.net
    Christopher Solis christopher.solis@ecisd.net
     Manuel Vallejo manuel.vallejo@ecisd.net

     Business Education 

    Shawn Lewis shawn.lewis@ecisd.net
    Melissa Grund melissa.grund@ecisd.net

    College and Career Readiness

    Heritage Middle School

    Tiffanie Zunker tiffanie.zunker@ecisd.net

    Legacy Middle School