Apply for FAFSA on OCTOBER 1, 2016

  • Submit your FAFSA as soon as you can after OCTOBER 1, 2016.

    Deadlines can vary by school, state, program of study, and more. Find out your various deadlines and complete the FAFSA by the earliest one. Even if you miss a deadline, you should still complete and submit the FAFSA. You may be eligible to receive late awards.


    Be sure to contact the Financial Aid department at your college/ university /tech school/ etc. to make sure they received your FAFSA SAR (Student Application Report). The SAR will have your award amount and information on Work Study and Student Loans. The institution's Financial Aid department can also work with you if you need to contest your FAFSA SAR award amount.


    1. Create your FSA ID

    2. Complete your FAFSA