Getting Ready for College

  • As your Junior year ends, this is a great time to research and apply to college/universities/ trade schools/ military branches. You can also prepare for your ACT, SAT, and/or TSI college readiness exams. You can also begin applying for scholarships.

    If you did not begin this journey in your Junior year,  it is advised to still go through this process as a Senior as soon as possible. The longer a Senior waits to begin this process, the lower the number of opportunities he/she will have in both admission to certain universities and numerous scholarships. 

    Step 1: Researching

    It is best to research up to 10 or more colleges and universities with your career interest as a major that you can earn a degree. When actually applying for college, it is recommended to narrow your applications to your top 3 - 5 colleges/universities.

    Freshmen Admission Criteria

    Knowing WHAT CRITERIA a college and university looks at for Freshman admittance is essential. Specifically with colleges and universities, Class Rank is used to determine admission. Thus, you will need to know your Class Rank. When you are given your class rank, divide it by the total number of students in the class. For example, If a student is number 322 out of 552, they divide 322/552 = .58 or 58% (3rd quartile)

    See the information below for a quick and easy way to understand and calculate what quarter you fall in.

    Quartiles are in 25% segments (Think 4 quarters)

    25% - 1st quartile

    50% - 2nd quartile

    75% - 3rd quartile

    100% - 4th quartile

    Now Google your university to see if:

    A. You are automatically admitted (in the 7% for UT Austin or Top 10% for all other Texas public universities),

    B. What ACT/SAT scores you need to make in a certain quartile, and

    C. There is any other criteria for admittance. Pay special attention to specific Colleges within the universities, such as the College of Engineering and College of Business, which normally have more rigorous standards for admittance.


    Step 2: Apply to College using Apply Texas for most Texas colleges OR use the Common Application for some private and out-of-state colleges.


    When applying, remember that colleges and universities charge an application fee.


    Students who qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program are entitled to the following:

    2 waivers for the ACT test,

    2 waivers for the SAT test, and

    4 waivers for college admission fees (located within their account).



    Link to Apply Texas information (Texas public and some private universities in the State of Texas):


    Direct Link to Apply Texas application site:


    Link to the Common Application (out-of-state colleges and some private Texas universities):



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