• Site-Based Decision Making Committee



    I. Welcome

    • Introduction -of all members and introduction of committee members and their business focus.  Also discussed CIS new addition to our campus.   Our goals for CIS are attendance, attendance, and families needs.  As of yesterday 11/1/21 we are lifting some COVID restrictions. 
    • Definition of Site Based -Went over the definition, spoke about Title 1. 
    • Review Minutes (4-15-21) -Committee reviewed the minutes from the last site-based meeting.  No changes or revisions were made.  
    • Salado Information
    • Vision, Mission, Beliefs -We are two Academies that have come together  to have a culture of diverse multicultural leaders that contribute to the global community as successful leaders.
    • Salado Staff -We have made some adjustments to our staff based on staff shifts.  We have an addition to our staff, our Title 1 Instructional Assistant, Jacqueline Gomez.  She was a prior student in the dual language program. 
    • Salado Student Numbers -The number of students is projected to stay around 660 and a bond is up for a vote.  
    • 21-22 Salado Map -LA is for Leadership Academy and DL is for Dual Language.  
    • 21-22 Salado Important Dates -We should target the 12th of November as something interesting such as pajamas.  We can come up with other ideas.  Remember attendance matters. 
    • Free/Reduced-Percentages -The whole district is currently participating in free meals.  This is based on family income which was identified by the family income survey. 
    •    -     PK-8 Family Income Survey -This is very crucial for our free and reduced meals and for certain positions such as academic facilitator.  



    • Salado Budget -The maximum amount $62,820.00 to run the school, this does not include salaries.  Monies have been transferred to the PE budget for recess equipment.  As about reappropriate attendance monies for technology.  Also, the budget for clubs Triana will send email to Rokas.  Mr. Castro is inquiring about taking DL students into the Lackland Quest..  Mr. Castro will be looking into soccer nets for outdoor play.     
    • CIA Budgets

    III.Staff Development

    • 21-22 Salado PD Plan -Everything that will be taking place as far as teachers professional development.  
    • CG Plan (CIP)
    • Annual Results Measure As a campus not only meet their goal, but surpass their goal.  Teachers need to pick a foundational TEK and work in order to improve their craft to reach this goal.  Every item purchased by funds needs to be bar coded and tracked.  
    • Improvement Plan This is the plan that we work on to reach our goals to improve our students.
    • Raise Your Hand Texas - Blended Learning Grant 21-22

    IV. Title I Checklist


    • PTA -They are in the process of beginning again, the board has been formed and was voted in on November 28th.  

    VI.Questions/Suggestions for Topics/Closing

    • Next Meeting on 12/6/21, 2/15/22, & 4/19/22


  • 2021-2022 Site Based Members

    Teresa Triana Principal

    Patricia Merlos Assistant Principal

    Denise Segura Academic Facilitator

    Elmer Castro Teacher

    Rumanna Kilgore Teacher

    Anne Treadwell Teacher

    Maria Salan Teacher

    Meredith Rokas District Representative (Director of Purchasing and Child Nutrition)


    Mark Alvarado Student

    Matthew Alvarado Student

    Juana Alvarado Parent

    Jennifer Houlgin Parent

    Sylvia Enriquez Community Member

    Marsha Walls Community Member

    Gabriela Estrada   Business Representative (La Perla)

    Christopher Trevino Business Representative (DentaQuest)