•  Heart Rate Growing the EC Way: Active. Healthy. Strong.

    The East Central ISD Employee Wellness initiative is to foster an adoption of a wellness culture throughout the District. The ECISD Wellness Committee will identify, promote and provide a variety of health and wellness opportuninites to empower employees to adopt positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong committment to wellness. Ulitimately, the goals are to encourage, develop and enhance a healthy living style of all District employees.


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  • Friday Fitness Fact

    Does Food Matter? You are what you eat? Your health reflects what you eat?

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    Diet and Dementia: What Foods Increase or Decrease Alzheimer’s Risk?

    In the Blue Zones region of Ikaria, Greece, dementia among people over 85 is rare—over 75 percent less common than it is in the United States. (About half of Americans over 85 years show signs of Alzheimer’s disease.)

    Depression, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes are also rare. Ikarians eat a more austere form of what Americans call the Mediterranean diet, and what we call the plant-slant diet common to all Blue Zone areas: 95% of their calories come from plant foods and meat is eaten sparingly.

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     Get Moving

    How simply moving benefits your mental health

    Srini Pillay, MD, Contributor

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    While it is obvious that your feelings can influence your movement, it is not as obvious that your movement can impact your feelings too. For example, when you feel tired and sad, you may move more slowly. When you feel anxious, you may either rush around or become completely paralyzed. But recent studies show that the connection between your brain and your body is a “two-way street” and that means movement can change your brain, too!     

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