• About EC University!

    WHAT: Twenty-minute cross-curricular professional development sessions by teachers for teachers.

    HOW: Faculty cover research-based best instructional strategies that can be applied immediately in any classroom. The model teach-pieces provide teachers with resources that are shared digitally and in print.

    WHY: To build leadership capacity and increase our collective instructional competence 

    WHEN: Every first Thursday of the month at 4:20pm and every first Friday of the month at 8am in the Testing Center #2116-7. 


    Together, we will inspire learning by creating interesting and meaningful experiences for every student – every minute – every day.

    We envision an exceptional school that teaches all students to read critically, write compellingly, think logically, and solve problems creatively. We prepare students for life, equipping them with the ability to earn credentials they find appealing and have value in today’s economy.