Substitute Information

    All applicants must:
    • Be 19 years of age for substitute positions at the elementary, intermediate and middle school level.
    • Be 21 years of age for substitute positions at the high school.
    • Complete and submit online application.
    • Notify personnel department of submitted application at (210) 648-7861.
    • Minimum Qualifications:
    • High school diploma or equivalent (GED)
    • Experience related to working with students
    • Desire to work with students
    • Must perform duties with minimum of supervision
    • If selected for an interview, must provide an official high school transcript. If candidate has a university degree, an official university transcript will also need to be provided. Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope or can be transmitted electronically from the governing institution to the personnel office. Call for details.
    • If offered a position, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee to submit a fingerprint supported criminal background check and attend a substitute training. All substitutes must also complete Safe Schools compliance videos. 
    • A substitute is considered an "at-will employee" and as such has no contractual relationship with the district.

    Pay Scale

    Certified Substitute Teacher - $110.00 per day

    Degreed Substitute Teacher (Bachelors and above) - $100.00 per day

    Non-Degreed/Non-Certified Substitute Teacher - $90.00 per day

    Degreed or Non-Degreed Substitute for Paraprofessionals - $80.00 per day

    Specialized Support Paraprofessionals (PBSI, Special Ed. Life Skills/Redirection Unit)

    • Non-degreed $90.00 per day
    • Degreed (Bachelors and above) $100.00 per day
    • Teacher Certified $110.00 per day


    Long-Term Substitutes for Teachers (A sub who works for 20 or more days for a teacher on approved leave.)
    • Non Degreed - $95.00 per day
    • Degreed - $105.00 per day
    • Certified - $115.00 per day

    Long-Term Substitutes for Paraprofessionals

    • Regular Classroom Paraprofessional - $85.00 per day

    Long-Term Substitute for PBSI, Life Skills or Redirection Paraprofessional

    Non-Degreed Substitute -  $95.00 per day
    Degreed Substitute -  $105.00 per day
    Teacher Certified Substitute - $115.00 per day