Family & Community Education Advisory Council

  • September  4, 2020

    Thank you for the time, talent, and expertise you have given to East Central I.S.D. You have made a difference through your dedication and continued support of the Family & Community Education Advisory Council. Your ideas, input, and enthusiasm were most helpful and have assisted us in designing, facilitating, and making many valid improvements to programs and services throughout the East Central community.


    After reflection on the role of the council within the District’s decision making process, and support to East Central caregivers, families, and community, it has been determined that there are additional councils in existence within other departments who are able to meet the needs previously supported by the Family & Community Education Advisory Council. With that knowledge, it has been decided to restructure some of these other councils and eliminate the Family & Community Education Advisory Council effective immediately.  If you are interested in continuing to be involved in other councils or partnering opportunities in the District, please contact Ashley Chohlis at 210-634-6100 or by email at


    Again, we thank you for your contribution and commitment to our growth process, without your level of engagement we would not be who we are today.  We look forward to your continued involvement within  East Central I.S.D. 


    Sincerely, Meredith Rokas

    Director of Federal Programs

    (210) 634-6139