Technology Reservations Information and Reservations

    If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel, by emailing Lisa and Liana as soon as possible so others can use the limited Technology.
    Remember, substitutes cannot use Carts or Labs with students. 
    Reservations can only be made for a Maximum of 5 consecutive days with 2 days in-between each reservation.  Alternating labs and carts if fine, as long as the length does not exceed 5 consecutive days.
          Main Campus Technology Options                                                South Campus Technology Options
             ChromeBook Cart A (25 items)                                                   ChromeBook Cart I (Housed in Admin Office)
             ChromeBook Cart B (25 items)
             ChromeBook Cart C (25 items)                                                  South Campus Lab (Room 203/205)
             ChromeBook Cart D (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart E (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart F (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart G (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart H  (Housed in 3103) (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart J (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart K (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart L (30 items) 
             ChromeBook Cart M (30 items) 
             ChromeBook Cart L (30 items) 
             ChromeBook Cart M (30 items)
             ChromeBook Cart N (30 items) 
             ChromeBook Cart O (Housed in Room 3202) (30 items)
             Windows 10 Laptop Cart (12 items)
             Lab 1 (Room 2173)
             Lab 2 (Room 2175)
             Go Center (Contact Heather Adams to reserve. )
             Testing Center (Contact Diane Falcon to reserve.)
             iPad Cart  
             We can add apps to the iPads, but need 2 full school days to load them. Please forward your App requests to the Library in a timely manner.
    Carts must be collected before 8:15 on the first day of use. Carts must be returned by 4:15 on the last day of use. Failure to pick-up and return may result in loss of cart check-outs in the future. Your punctuality ensures others the use of the carts in a timely manner.
    When using the Labs, please send one student into the Library to open the door to the hallway for the remainder of the class.

     Reservation Request Form