• 1st Semester Outline

    1st Semester Outline

    US History 2015-2016


    The following is a guide for what we will be covering throughout the first semester.  Dates and material are subject to change


    August 24th- 28th

    Introduction to the course

    Review Major events in US History up to 1877


    August 31- September 4th

    Chapter 5 “Changes on the Western Frontier” 1877-1900

    pgs 201-227


    September 8th- September11th

    Complete Chapter 5

    Chapter 6 “A New Industrial Age” 1877-1900

    pgs 229-251


    September 14th- September 18th

    Assessment Chapters 5 & 6

    Chapter 7 “Immigration & Urbanization” 1877-1914

    pgs 253- 273


    September 22nd-25th

    Complete Chapter 7

    Chapter 8 “Life at the Turn of the 20th Century” 1877-1917

    pgs 274-301


    September 28th-October 2nd

    Complete Chapter 8

    Chapter 9 “The Progressive Era” 1890-1920

    pgs 304-339


    October 5th-October 9th

    Assessment Chapters 7-9


    October 13th-16th

    Chapter 10 “America Claims an Empire” 1890-1920

    pgs 340-369


    October 19th- 23rd

    Quarter Review and Assessment


    End of the 1st 9 Weeks


    October 26th- 30th

    Chapter 11 “The First World War” 1914-1920

    pgs 370-407

    November 2nd- November 6th

    Chapter 12 “Politics in the 1920s”

    pgs 410-431


    November 9th- 13th

    Chapter 13 “The Roaring Life of the 1920s”

    pgs 432-460


    November 16th- 20th

    Assessment Chapters 11-13


    Thanksgiving Break


    November 30th- December 4th

    Chapter 14 “The Great Depression Begins”

    pgs 462-485


    December 7th- 11th

    Chapter 15 “The New Deal”

    pgs 486-523


    December 14th-18th

    Assessment Chapters 14-15


    Winter Break


    January 5th-8th

    Semester Review


    January 11th- 15th

    Comprehensive Semester Exam

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