• Routine work order or emergency work order?

    Help maintenance respond quickly to work orders by using the proper reporting systems.

    • Emergencies should be reported by calling the maintenance department  210-634-6220 or the police department 210-709-8080.
    • Routine work orders should be submitted to the school dude work order system.


    Below are examples of emergency and routine work orders:



    The elevator is not working - call maintenance (emergency)



    Wires are exposed and sparking - call maintenance (emergency)

    An electrical outlet in a classroom doesn't work - submit work order (routine)



    Exterior or interior doors cannot be locked - call police (emergency)

    An interior door closure needs to be repaired - submit work order (routine)



    All classroom lights are not working - call maintenance (emergency)

    One light is out in a classroom - submit work (routine)


    Air conditioning:

    A large area of the school isn't cooling/heating - call maintenance (emergency)

    A room is warm/cold - submit work order (routine)



    Fire alarm activated - call police and maintenance (emergency)

    Security alarm activated - call police (emergency)


    Natural gas:

    Natural gas smell - call maintenance (emergency)


    When in doubt, call maintenance 210- 634-6224 or police 210-709-8080