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Our Mission

  • Mission

    The mission of Oak Crest Intermediate School is to provide a transitional environment allowing students to achieve their individual potential as active learners and responsible citizens.


    Language Arts Vision/Beliefs


    The language arts teachers at Oak Crest will model and promote thinking skills necessary for a rapidly advancing technological society.  They will do this by using varied resources and methods that help teach the elements of literacy.  These will include using the reading textbook, literature circles, literary stations, and any other resources available.

    It is our ultimate goal that students leaving Oak Crest will be prepared for their future societal roles by being able to use language purposefully as they comprehend, construct, and convey meaning.  With this outcome in mind, teachers will continually assess and provide feedback to students, parents, and administrators.


    Math Vision/Beliefs


    Oak Crest Intermediate School will enable students to become high achieving learners that will exhibit excellence in Math.

    • Oak Crest Math Teachers will deliver TEKS based instruction that is grade appropriate and provide differentiated engaging activities while maintaining high academic and behavioral expectations.

    • Oak Crest Math Teachers will provide safe, fun, risk-free environments that encourage open communication among students, parents, and support staff.

    • Oak Crest Math Teachers will engage in ongoing analysis of teaching to assess learning.

    • Oak Crest students will possess a rich math vocabulary and demonstrate competency with basic facts, critical thinking skills, and a variety of problem solving techniques.

    • Oak Crest students' work will reflect TEKS mastery/progress that incorporates technology, manipulatives, projects, journals, homework, and assessments.

    Science Vision/Beliefs


    Students will develop critical thinking skills by engaging in hands on activities, exploring the use of technology, and working collaboratively as well as independently.

    Students will create projects that reflect an understanding of concepts by keeping a journal of hands on activities, using the scientific method, and emphasizing scientific vocabulary.