High School Credit Recovery

  • Dates:  June 5-July14, NO CLASS/SUPPORT July 5-8
    Fee:Flat $75 fee, unlimited credit recovery options;  Only 1 half-credit will be assigned at a time!  (Final day to register, June 14, 2023) 

    Credit Recovery Payment    

    Learning Options:

    • Option #1: ½ day Onsite, Monday-Thursday; Reserved Lab Time: 8:15-11:15
    • Option #2: Full-day Onsite, Monday-Thursday; Reserved Lab Time: 8:15-3:15 
    • Option #3: Hybrid - Virtual & Onsite (Students will have the opportunity to work on the courses virtually at a time convenient for them, either in the morning, night or weekends, but will be required to come onsite to take tests.) 
      • Hybrid Expectations/Requirements
        • Students must have access to a computer, tablet and the internet. ECISD will not provide these resources.
        • If the student is on pace/progressing/passing, they can continue their course online at their own pace.

        • Students will be required to complete a student goal-setting sheet daily 

        • Students will be required to communicate with their assigned Credit Recovery teacher weekly. 

    Standard Guidelines:  

    • Only available to currently registered 9th -12th East Central & CASTLead high school students. 
    • Registration through Revtrack is required. 
    • Payment does not guarantee credit attainment and only access to the curriculum and a SUMMER@ECISD Credit Recovery teacher.

    Specific  Program Descriptions:

    • Credit Recovery: Edgenuity program is a 24/7 ONLINE program.
    • Students will have the ability to register for one of the two summer options. 
    • All students will be assigned a Summer@ECISD credit recovery teacher.
    • Credit Recovery students are expected to show daily progress.
    • Students may be dismissed from the program for lack of commitment.  
    • All Credit Recovery courses must be completed by July 14th.
    • Uncompleted courses will not be allowed to be continued into the 2023-2024 school year.