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  • Wondr is a weight loss program that is clinically-proven to help you lose weight, sleep better, stress less, and so much more. The Wondr program is covered by ECISD so there is no out-of-pocket cost for you. Employees, spouses and covered dependents over age 18 are eligible to apply to the program. Learn more and register at wondrhealth.com/ECISD.wondr program

Upcoming Events

  • wondr webinar

    REGISTER for this upcoming webinar to see how your Wondr skills can get you back on track this fall!

    No one’s immune to being thrown off track when trying to get healthier. The good news? You’ve already got the skills to get back on track. And with a few personalized shortcuts, you can supercharge those skills to boost your weight-loss efforts today.

    Join Wondr instructor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Kevin Gilliland, to learn how “cheating” can be your secret weapon, to stop overthinking and start seeing results.
    Here's what you’ll learn:

    • You don’t have to go back to square one with your skills – and why
    • There are simple hacks to reinstate the Wondr skills that work best for you
    • Find your personal “cheat codes” for getting your behaviors back on track with
      your goals
    • Use shortcuts to stop over-thinking and start seeing weight loss results

    The recording will also be made available to those who are unable to attend as long as they have registered. Register HERE.

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