Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Schedules, Face-to-Face and Remote Learning for next week beginning Sept. 8

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  • Superintendent Toscano updates the previous two weeks

  • What is the School Opening Protocol and how is it used to determine safety for returning to campus?

  • What were the results of the most recent parent choice survey?

  • Why are we starting face-to-face with an emergency schedule? Why not just call it a "hybrid" schedule?

  • When will I know my group?

  • Will the district provide a calendar indicating which group attends face-to-face each day?

  • I work! I need my child in school every day!

  • What will safety protocols look like when my child attends face-to-face?

  • Can you guarantee that the kids will be 100% safe?

  • Does my child still attend remotely when they are not scheduled face-to-face?

  • What if my child needs tutoring or additional help face-to-face? What does the daily schedule look like beginning next week?

  • What time does my child need to be in school and when does my child get out of school?

  • Will there be an after school care option?

  • What time will the buses pick up and drop off?

  • After Sept. 7 will bell schedules be the same as before?